The Only Armor That Works is Soft Armor

A tactop plate carrier is one of the few pieces of plate you can buy that will help protect your vitals during combat. This unique carrier is very well constructed, and comes with a steel frame, and includes a comfortably padded shoulder strap. The torso is constructed in such a way that the plates shift back and forth along a rail, to give a more authentic plate look. Although the carrier is fully lined, there are enough slots for air flow, and the soft armor makes sure your vitals stay protected.

The plate carrier weighs about two hundred and forty pounds total, which is perfect for any user. It’s built so well, that it won’t even phase you when you put it on. You’ll immediately notice the padding on these vests because of its extra comfort and shock absorption. When you put on your iia soft armor plates, you get a snug fit and strong durability. This also comes in a black version, but there are plenty of colors available, too.

This product definitely fulfills the criteria of being the only armor that works. The Gh Armor offers the same hard armor, comfort, and support that many people are looking for. The main difference is that the plate carrier is completely modular and can be changed out to work with any outfit. The soft armor offers superior protection, and the plate carrier offers high-end durability and convenience. If you’re looking for a good all around vest, the Gh Armor might be your best choice.

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